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McAlester Army Ammunition Plant

Joint Munitions Command

1 C Tree Road, ACS Building 31, McAlester, OK 74501

McAlester Ammunition Plant

McAlester Army Ammunition Plant is a weapons manufacturing facility located in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, a few miles outside of the town of McAlester. The installation is located 85 miles south of Tulsa and 120 miles southeast of Oklahoma City. Its mission is to produce and renovate conventional ammunition and ammunition related components. The plant stores war reserve and training ammunition. McAlester performs manufacturing, industrial engineering, and production product assurance. The plant also receives, demilitarizes, and disposes of conventional ammunition components. The plant is the largest, in terms of storage, housing close to one-third of the Department of Defense’s munitions stockpile.


Capabilities of the center include: manufacturing, logistics support, demilitarization and disposal, training support, safety and environmental protection, research and development, and renovation. The facility produces a range of munitions from 20mm shells to the eleven-ton Massive Ordnance Air Blast(MOAB). As part of the facility’s logistical duties, it provides maintenance on all rail lines connected to the facility. The facility is in charge of demilitarization and disposal of bombs that it receives. The facility receives outdated or nonfunctional munitions and breaks them down, then reuses or destroys the components.


MCAAP is housed on 44,964 acres with 2,891 buildings, 2,426 igloos and storage capacity of 8,840,559 square feet. MCAAP provides many different services for those members of the Armed Forces stationed on the base, including a child care facility and a clinic.

Arriving at McAlester Army Ammunition Plant
The closest airport is Tulsa International Airport located 98 miles from base.


Report to the Pass and Tag Office located at the front gate. Office hours Monday-Thursday 0530 -1600 closed on Fridays. Phone (918) 420-6375/7273. Please remember to have all of the necessary documentation needed to enter the installation (driver’s license, military ID, insurance verification for your auto and proof of vehicle registration). Contact the Housing Management Office at (918) 420-6480 if you are moving into housing.

Base Population
There are approximately 1,968 civilian personnel, 31 military personnel, area veterans, Army Reserve and National Guard assigned to McAlester Army Ammunition Plant.