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Fort Hunter Ligette Army Base

80th Division, 91st Training Division
238 California Avenue, Fort Hunter Liggett, CA 93928

Hunter liggett

Fort Hunter Liggette (FHL) is located in the mountains of central California and is approximately 250 miles north of Los Angeles and 150 miles south of San Francisco. The fort is bordered on the north by the Salinas Valley, on the east by Los Padres National Forest, on the west by Monterey, and on the south by San Luis Obispo. It is the largest reserve command post in the country, with over 165,000 acres of land. 


FHL provides year-round training environment that resembles 20 percent of the world’s terrain which makes it ideal for armored task force maneuvers as well as aviation training. Its equipped for multiple ranges for weapons’ usage and live ammo use. The base is home to helipads as well as 33 drop zones, allowing for battalion sized mass attacks and sling load operations that would not be possible elsewhere. The base’s massive square mileage allows for mission simulations and training to be carried out with minimal disruption to the surrounding areas. It is one of a few bases that has served the United States Navy, Marine Corps, Airforce, and National Guard training.  FHL has many support services and resources for military and civilian personnel working and living on post, such as housing, barracks, a commissary and military Exchange, bowling alley, recreational center, sports facility, and more.

Arriving at Fort Hunter Liggette

The USAG Fort Hunter Liggett conducts 100% identification checks at Fort Hunter Liggett, and random vehicle searches.

Post Access Requirements:

  • Current drivers license for vehicle operators.
  • Current govt. (federal/state) identification card for passengers and all adults in vehicle.
  • Current proof of vehicle insurance.
  • Current state vehicle registration (temporary or permanent).
  • If driving a rental car, must have rental agreement.

The nearest airport is San Jose International Airport, located 134 miles from the installation.


  • Head towards the airport exit on Airport Blvd
  • Slight right to stay on Airport Blvd (signs for Departures A/Terminal C)
  • Slight right (signs for CA-87/US-101/Skyport Dr)
  • Slight right to merge onto CA-87 SOUTH/Guadalupe Pkwy toward Downtown
  • Take the exit toward CA-85 SOUTH
  • Take exit 1A on the left to merge onto CA-85 SOUTH toward Gilroy
  • Take exit 1A to merge onto US-101 SOUTH toward Los Angeles
  • Take the CR-G14/Jolon Rd exit toward Fort Hunter Liggett

Base Population
FHL is home to approximately 28,000 personnel including those from the US Army, Army Reserve, Navy, Navy Reserve, Air Force, Marine Corps, Air National Guard, Army National Guard, ROTC, Civilians and Government staff. This number can increase up to 40,000 during training rotations. There are 13,363 military retirees and 38,769 Family Members within a 40-mile radius of FHL.