Army Star

Fort Lee Army Base

Combined Arms Support Command/Sustainment Center of Excellence
U.S. Army Quartermaster School; U.S. Army Ordnance School; U.S. Army Transportation School; Army Logistics University (ALU)
Defense Commissary Agency11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, the Blackhorse Cavalry
1231 Mahone Avenue  Bldg. 9023  Fort Lee, VA 23801
Fort Lee Army Base
Fort Lee opened within weeks after the United States declared war on Germany in the spring of 1917.  By September more than 1,500 buildings and over 15 miles of on-post roads had been completed. Soon members of the 80th “Blue Ridge” Division – made up of troops from Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia – began arriving for training.
Fort Lee, in Prince George County, Virginia, is a United States Army post and headquarters of the United States Army Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM)/ Sustainment Center of Excellence (SCoE), the U.S. Army Quartermaster School, the U.S. Army Ordnance School, The U.S. Army Transportation School, the Army Logistics University (ALU), Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), and the U.S. Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA).

Fort Lee also hosts two Army museums, the U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum and the U.S. Army Women’s Museum. 

 Camp Lee opened just weeks after the U.S. declared war on Germany in 1917 and has had  long term physical improvements underway for over the last half century.  It received a major boost when Congress passed Base Realignment and Closure legislation in 2005. As a result of approved recommendations several new organizations are relocating to and/or consolidating their operations on Fort Lee – including the U.S. Army Ordnance Center and School from Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland, and most of the U.S. Army Transportation Center and School from Fort Eustis, Virginia.

The “new” Fort Lee that is emerging as a result of BRAC 2005 is already being hailed as the “lifeblood of Army logistics.”
Arriving at Fort Lee
The Soldier Support Center is located in building 3400, between B and C Avenues and 16th and 17th Streets. It is the first stop all permanent party Army personnel will need to make when reporting to Fort Lee during duty hours. This includes U.S. Army Medical Department Activity and U.S. Army Dental Command Soldiers. Other services, to include Army recruiters and MEPS cadre, should contact their gaining units for specific instructions.

When you’re coming off I-295 via exit 9B toward Fort Lee/Colonial Heights, proceed to the fifth traffic light and turn left at the Lee Avenue Gate. If you have a current Department of Defense decal on your vehicle, you may pass through the regular gate after showing your government identification card to the access security guard. All passengers age 18 and older must also present a picture ID. 
Base Population
Nearly 3,200 military personnel and as many family members, 600 single soldiers on the installation and another 2,300 families off-post. On any given day between 3,000 and 4,200 students are trained here.