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Hawthorne Army Depot

Joint Munitions Command
1 South Maine Ave., Hawthorne, Nevada 89415-9404

Hawthorne Army Depot

Hawthorne Army Depot (HWAD) is a U.S. Army ammunition storage depot located in western Nevada, directly south of Walker Lake. The depot spans across 147,000 acres and has 600,000 square feet of storage space in 2,427 bunkers. HWAD is the “World’s Largest Depot” and is divided into three ammunition storage and production areas. The depot is run by an independent contractor under an agreement with the United States government. Capabilities of the center include: demilitarization, desert training for military units, ammunition renovation, quality assurance, ISO inter-modal container maintenance/repair, and range scrap processing.


Hawthorne Army Depot is an ideal training location for special forces because the mountainous terrain in a high desert environment provides a realistic simulation of the situation in Afghanistan. Army, Navy and Marine troops schedule year-round training at HWAD. Golden Cargo training operations at Hawthorne Army Depot allow government, contractor and military troops the opportunity to execute high OPTEMPO, ammunition operations in support of the warfighter.

Arriving at Hawthorne Army Depot
The closest airport is Reno-Tahoe International Airport located 124 miles from base.


Directions from Reno-Tahoe International Airport

  • Get on I-580 N
  • Follow I-80 E and NV-439/USA Pkwy to Ramsey Cutoff/Ramsey Weeks Cutoff in Silver Springs
  • Take US-95 ALT S to US-95 S in Mineral County
  • Turn right onto US-95 S
  • Turn right onto Maine Ave

Base Population
Hawthorne has a government staff of 25 Department of Army civilians and one Soldier to provide contract oversight and reliability of munitions stockpile. The remaining staff is made up of contract employees.