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Army Futures Command

Army Futures Command Headquarters
Austin, Texas

Gen. John M. Murray, Army Futures Command commanding general

Army Futures Command is a United States Army command aimed at modernizing the Army. The AFC Headquarters will be located at the University of Texas in Austin. The Center for Defense Innovation, a dedicated space for Army Futures Command, AFWERX, Defense Innovation Unit, the National Geospacial Agency, and a team of Booz Allen Hamilton’s defense innovators, is located at the Austin tech hub Capital Factory.


Establishment of the Army Futures Command is the most significant Army reorganization effort since 1973. Army Futures Command will be the fourth Army Command and will be tasked with driving the Army into the future to achieve clear overmatch in future conflicts. It focuses on six priorities: long-range precision fires, next-generation combat vehicle, future vertical lift platforms, a mobile & expeditionary Army network, air & missile defense capabilities, and soldier lethality. AFC’s cross-functional teams (CFTs) are Futures Command’s vehicle for sustainable reform of the acquisition process for the future.


Futures Command (AFC) was established in 2018 as a peer of FORSCOM, TRADOC, and Army Materiel Command (AMC), the other Army commands (ACOMs—providing forces, training and doctrine, and materiel respectively). The other Army commands focus on their readiness to “Fight tonight” when called upon by the nation. In contrast, AFC is focused on readiness for future combat with near-peer competitors, who have updated their capabilities while the United States military has been fighting insurgents since 2001.

Arriving at Army Futures Command

The closest airport is Austin-Bergstrom International Airport located approximately 7 miles from Headquarters.


Base Population
There will be approximately 500 military and civilian personnel assigned to Army Futures Command.