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Dugway Proving Ground

5220 Doolittle Ave  Dugway, UT 84022

Dugway Proving Grounds Utah

Dugway Proving Ground is one of the largest military facilities in the United States and covers more than 800000 acres and is located close to the Juab County. The military base is almost the size of a state. It covers a huge area of the famous desert of Salt Lake.

Most of the surroundings consist of mountains, therefore the training range is somehow protected. The name defines a common technique used in the training sessions. 

The proving ground is also close to a different facility in Utah – the Test and Training Range. The two bases together represent the widest military field in the United States of America.

The purpose of this field is to test biological and chemical weapons for the defense of the country. The environment is excellent, since there aren’t any close human communities around. The place is used by multiple commands, such as the Air Force, the National Guard or the Army Reserve. All of them use it for various training techniques. 

Prior to the invasion of Afghanistan, the special forces of the US Army used the area to train, since the environment was similar to the desert areas from Afghanistan.

Arriving at Dugway
Military personnel being assigned to Dugway Proving Ground (DPG) may be required to in process at Ft. Carson, CO in addition to in processing at DPG. All Military personnel should contact their respective gaining command to obtain in processing information and to avoid undue travel. You may also contact the DPG Relocation Manager for assistance at 435-831-2260 or DSN 312-789-2260.

Base Population

There are approximately 2, 016 military personnel, contractors and civilians at Dugway.