Air Force Wings
Westover Air Force Base

439th Airlift Wing
2255 Westover Rd, Chicopee, MA 01011

Westover Air Force Base

Westover Air Force Base
Westover Air Reserve Base hosts the largest Air Reserve Base in the world in terms of area, has been in operation since 1940 and served as a bomber training base and port of embarkation/debarkation during World War II. Following the war, the base was a staging point for the Berlin Aircraft, a headquarters of the Military Air Transport Service system until April, 1955. From that time until 1974, the base was a major Strategic Air Command installation. Since May 19, 1974, Westover has been an Air Force Reserve Command base. From then until October 1987, the 439th Tactical Airlift Wing operated the C-130 Hercules and C-123 Provider aircraft. The wing converted to C-5As in 1987, and the unit eventually became designated as the 439th Airlift Wing. The installation was named for Major General Oscar Westover who was commanding officer of the Army Air Corps in the 1930s.


Nearby, with a population of 55,298, Chicopee uses the nickname “Crossroads of New England” as part of a business-development marketing campaign, a nickname that West Springfield also uses. The name reflects the city’s convenient location among a number of metropolitan areas and its transportation network. In 1848, Chicopee, which for more than two centuries had been a part of the Town of Springfield, was separated and organized as a distinct town. Political factions in Springfield wanted that jurisdiction to remain a town, rather than become a city and take on a mayoral form of government. By partitioning Chicopee, those political factions prevented Springfield from becoming a city until 1852. The result was that Springfield lost 2/5 of its land area and nearly half of its population when Chicopee was created.

Arriving at Westover Air Force Base

If you are arriving the South/Connecticut, take I-91 North to I-291 in Springfield to Fuller Road and take exit marked Westover ARB. Follow the Westover signs to the base. If you’re arriving from the West/New York take Mass Pike (I-90) East to exit 5 and follow the Westover signs to the base. From the East/Boston take the Mass Pike (I-90) West to Exit 5 in Chicopee. Follow the Westover signs to the base. From the North/Vermont take I-91 South to Mass Pike (I-90). Head East to exit 5 and follow the Westover signs to the base.


Entering Westover ARB into most GPS devices will not get you to a valid gate. To reach the Main Gate, please enter 2255 Westover Rd, Chicopee, MA 01011 into your GPS. This address is for a nearby business, disregard the turnoff for the business and continue straight on Westover Rd. The main gate will be on your left just prior to the road dead ending.


In the winter months of Westover Air Force Base, October through April expect black ice or snow/ice and the roads. Good wipers, plenty of windshield wiper fluid, and a full tank of gas are critical.

Base Population

There are around 5,080 military members, employed civilians and multiple tenant military and civilian organizations on Westover Air Force Base.