Vandenberg Air Force Base

30th Space Wing, Air Force Space Command
747 Nebraska Ave, Vandenberg AFB, CA 93437
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Vandenberg Air Force Base is located northwest of Lompoc, California. The area was once the home of Camp Cooke, which was a training center created before the United States was engaged in World War II. Training units on the way to Korea first stopped at Camp Cooke in the early 1950’s. Camp Cooke was renamed Vandenberg AFB in 1958. After the name change, the base prepared for testing PGM-17 Thor missiles, SM-65 Atlas, HGM-25A Titan I, LGM-25C Titan II, LGM-30 Minuteman, LGM-118 Peacekeeper and ground-based midcourse defense interceptors. The first polar orbiting satellite was launched in 1959. The base was chosen as the West Coast Space Shuttle launch and landing site in 1972.

Space exploration and development is the focal point for Vandenberg.The base places satellites in polar orbit from the West Coast. Vandenberg handles testing by the Department of Defense. The base also assists the LGM-30j Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Force Development Evaluation program.

The 30th Space Wing, Vandenberg’s host unit, supports West Coast launch activities for the Air Force, Department of Defense, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, national programs and various private industry contractors. The Wing supports the processing and launch of a variety of expendable vehicles including Atlas V, Delta IV, Delta II, Pegasus, Minotaur, Taurus and Falcon. The Wing also supports Force Development and Evaluation of all intercontinental ballistic missiles, as well as Missile Defense Agency (MDA) test and operations.

Major tenant units at Vandenberg AFB include the Joint Functional Component Command for Space (USSTRATCOM), 14th Air Force, 576th Flight Test Squadron, Missile Defense Agency, 381st Training Group, National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

There are nearly 19,000 military personnel, DoD civilians, contractors, retirees and family members assigned to Vandenberg Air Force Base.



After arriving at Vandenberg AFB, report to your Unit Commander’s Section. In-processing appointments will be arranged by your unit. Your sponsor will furnish unit information. Up to 8 days of permissive TDY for house hunting can be sought, after reporting to your unit.

The Vandenberg Lodge Reception Desk, Bldg. 13005, has been designated the base’s 24-hour arrival point. To reach the Lodge from the main gate, proceed on California Boulevard to the first fork in the road and bear right onto Oregon Avenue. Go through the stop sign and the Lodge is clearly identified on the left approximately one-half block away.

Appointments should be scheduled to meet with the commander, first sergeant, and section commander. The meetings will introduce you to unit policies and your commander’s philosophy. Speak with your sponsor for a tour of the base.

The nearest large airport to Lompoc, CA is the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), which is about 153 miles away. By car, it is a little over a 3-hour drive to the base.


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For a full list of community health centers, visit the Health Center Program at


Check the US News Health directory online at to find the best doctor for your family.


The American Dental Association provides a list of dentists near you on their website


To be enrolled in a California school, a child must be at least five years old by September 1st. Check with the local school district for other requirements.

In 2010, the majority of states, the District of Columbia, and the Department of Defense Education Activity adopted Common Core State Standards that provide a consistent set of educational expectations for students, regardless of ZIP code. When a family moves, a student’s education is often disrupted because the student may be forced to repeat material or learn at a different level at the new school. With common standards across states, this disruption will be reduced — of particular interest to military families. For more information, visit


Lompoc Unified School District (805) 742-3300


If your child is preparing to attend college, this information on scholarships may be helpful.


Current service members can attend college in their off-duty time and have their military branch pay the tuition. Learn about the Military Tuition Assistance Program. Use the Tuition Assistance (TA) DECIDE tool to help you make the best use of your tuition assistance dollars.


If you were or are in the military, you may be eligible for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) education benefits. If you are a spouse or dependent, you may be eligible too.


Online course options: edX – Founded by Harvard University and MIT, offers high-quality courses from the world’s best universities and institutions to learners everywhere. Whether you are interested in computer science, languages, engineering, psychology, writing, electronics, biology, or marketing. Enroll today!

When moving to a new location, it is important to know who to call when you have an emergency or you need help. Below are some organizations you will find useful.


Child Care Aware:

Under the site’s “Child Care 101” tab you’ll find information related to locating quality child care, the types of child care available to you and how to evaluate the child care providers you visit. There’s also a special section for the military child on the website covering topics such as military fee assistance, payments and provider services.


Military Children and Teens Resource Guide


California Health and Human Services (800) 288-4584
Helps Californians live safe, healthy and successful lives. It fulfills this mission by providing children, youth, families and adults care, services and treatment to thrive in their homes and communities.

Child Support Services of Santa Barbara County 1-866-901-3212
Strives to create communities where children grow up safe from abuse, neglect and dependency, where adults are protected from domestic violence and where parents can be strengthened in their capacity to keep their family safe.

Lompoc CAPA (805) 737-7755
Handles pet adoptions, pet licensing, lost and found animals, and more.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff (805) 681-4100

Santa Barbara County, California

Lompoc Library

Base Operator (805) 606-1110 

Accounting and Finance (805) 606-4606 

Airman & Family Readiness Center (805) 606-0039 

Billeting-Lodging (805) 606-1844 

Chaplain (Duty Hours) (805) 606-5773

Chaplain (After Hours) (805) 606-9961 

Child Development Center (805) 606-1555

Commissary (805) 734-3354 

Dental Clinic (805) 606-2273 

Education Office (805) 605-5900 

Exchange (805) 734-5521 

Hospital (805) 606-2273 

Housing Office (805) 606-3434

ID/CAC Card Processing (805) 606-2276 

Legal Services/JAG (805) 605-6200 

Library (805) 606-6414

Military Clothing Sales (805) 606-5111

Pharmacy (805) 606-7440

Relocation Assistance Program (805) 606-0039 

School Liaison Office (805) 606-0039 

Temporary Lodging (805) 606-1844 

Unaccompanied Housing (805) 605-2048 

Vandenberg Family Homes (805) 734-1445 

Veterinarian (805) 606-3019 

Visitor’s Center (805) 606-7662



Vandenberg Air Force Base housing is managed by the Housing Management Office (HMO). The HMO will support newcomers with information for on base housing. When arriving at Vandenberg AFB, guidance and counseling is necessary before signing a written lease or rental/sales contract for housing. The Housing Management Office can be reached at (805) 606-3434.

9.7 miles from base

Lompoc is a small town filled with beautiful and fragrant flower fields, and is close to the base.

9.3 miles from base

Orcutt has a great hometown feel with plenty of sidewalks for walkers and joggers.

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At Vandenberg Air Force base community, the summers are pleasant and clear. The winters are lengthy, frigid and wet. The average temperature fluctuates between 42°F and 71°F. The temperature is seldom below 34°F or more than 81°F.

The average high in the summer months for Creech AFB is more than 69°F. The lowest average temperature for winter months is 63°F. The rainiest season lasts from mid November to early April. If you are looking forward to warm-weather activities, the best time of year to visit Vandenberg Air Force Base is early July to late September.

Vandenberg is a National Wildlife Reserve and fog poses a major traffic concern here during the summer months, which requires defensive driving skills. For 10 months each year the Pacific Ocean keeps our average high temperature at 60-65 degrees and the average low at 40 to 50 degrees. September and October are our warmest months with an average high of 75 degrees. Vandenberg experiences heavy fog in the summer.

The overall cost of living in the Vandenberg Air Force Base community is 4% lower than the California average and 32% higher than the U.S. average. The following categories are used to calculate the overall cost of living index: goods/services (33%), housing (30%), groceries (13%), utilities (10%), transportation (9%) and health care (5%). From the list, it is clear that the categories of utilities and housing are responsible for the largest portions of the overall cost of living index. As a general rule, everyday goods and services provide an accurate measure of the general cost of goods in any given city. In the case of Vandenberg AFB, the city’s housing index is 15% lower than the California average and 81% higher than the U.S. average.

Vandenberg is located on California’s “Central Coast”. Vandenberg and central California’s coastal residents consider their environment mild. The 150 square mile area midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles is surrounded by the Santa Ynez Mountains, the Pacific shore, and ranches of northern Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties. Before the growth, Lompoc had 6,000 residents. Today more than 38,000 people call the small city home, and 51,000 more live within the Lompoc Valley.

Santa Barbara County is rich with great shopping, food, drink, arts, entertainment and outdoor recreation. The beautiful city of Santa Barbara is a little over a 1-hour drive from the base. You can enjoy the beautiful music at the Santa Barbara Opera, take the family to the Santa Barbara Zoo, or even take in an exhibit at one of the area’s many museums. The Santa Barbara Harbor & Seafood Festival is another popular and family-friendly event held each year during October.

Los Flores Ranch Park in Santa Maria is 1,700 acres of fun and environmental education. The park is home to an 8 miles hiking trail, equestrian and mountain biking trails. You may also find a few jackrabbits, foxes, wild pigs and a bobcat or two. The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is 78 acres. There are over 5 miles of trails to explore. Visitors can try the authentic Japanese Teahouse or check out the Mission Dam and Aqueduct. There is also an amazing view of Santa Ynez Mountains and the Channel Islands.

The beaches in the area are beautiful and definitely worth visiting. Jogging, hiking, picnicking and fishing are just a few of the activities many Vandenberg people enjoy. Swimming from Vandenberg beaches is authorized on civilian access beaches only.

The Space and Missile Heritage Center preserves and displays artifacts and memorabilia to interpret the evolution of missile and spacelift activity at Vandenberg from the beginning of the Cold War through current non-classified developments in military, commercial, and scientific space endeavors.

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