Air Force

Vance Air Force Base

71st Flying Training Wing
1601 W Fox Dr, Enid, OK 73703


Vance Air Force Base is a United States Air Force base located in southern Enid, Oklahoma, about 65 mi north northwest of Oklahoma City. The base is named after local World War II hero and Medal of Honor recipient, Lt Col Leon Robert Vance Jr. The host unit at Vance is the 71st Flying Training Wing (71 FTW), which is a part of Air Education and Training Command (AETC).


The mission of the 71st Flying Training Wing is to produce military pilots, build Air Force leaders and meet taskings in support of national defense objectives. The 71st Flying Training Wing conducts undergraduate pilot training for qualified United States military officers and also international officers. Flying training is also provided for members of the Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve and the air forces of several allied countries.

Arriving at Vance Air Force Base
Once you know the date you plan to arrive at Vance AFB, go to Department of Defense Lodging to book a room. If rooms are not available, a statement of Non-Availability will be e-mailed automatically from the property management system. This is very important because Lodging does not have the ability to backdate a statement of Non-Availability. The statement must be printed for Finance prior to going off base to get full reimbursement.


Base Lodging has 2 GO Suites, 4 VQ Suites, and 17 VQs. After renovations are complete in March 2019 we will have 5 TLFs (4 two bedroom and 1 three bedroom ADA TLF). Suites are $79, TLFs are $77, and VQs are $70.


If you plan to arrive at the base after hours, you will need to call the lodging office prior to the day of arrival so a pin number can be set up for key access. The lodging office telephone number is 580-213-7358. The after hours number is 580-366-9775.


Vance is scheduled to begin enforcing provisions of the Department of Homeland Security’s REAL ID Act on October 10, 2018. The act requires states to issue ID cards or driver’s licenses with special security features that allow access to Federal facilities, which includes Vance. Those with an active duty (including dependent) or retired military ID card or a Department of Defense civilian ID card are not affected by the REAL ID Act requirements. If you or your spouse do not have a military ID card, contact the Visitor Control Center, 580-213-7410, or visit the DHS website, You will want to find out if your state driver’s license is Real ID compliant; if not, then you will need to ask what forms of identification you need to have to enter the installation.


It’s very important to coordinate your travel plans with your sponsor. They might be willing to pick you up. Please report to the Housing Referral Office no later than your first duty day to complete in-processing. (Note: this is important in case there are any home finders on the “OFF LIMITS” list). Those coming to Vance for pilot training, your first stop will be building 690, room 34; there you will be provided checklists that will outline the steps for in-processing.


Members with TDY En route

If you are coming to Vance but will be going TDY en route and have decided to locate your family here in the Enid area before you in-process, please inform the Vance Airman and Family Readiness Center (A&FRC) at 580-213-6213. Be prepared to provide the following information:


Sponsor’s name, spouse’s name, estimated time of arrival, number of children, if you have special needs family members, local address (if known), and Sponsor’s Squadron at Vance AFB. The A&FRC will connect your spouse with your squadron’s Key Spouse.

Base Population
There are more than 5,800 active duty, reserve, guard, civilian personnel, military families, and retirees assigned to Vance Air Force Base.