Air Force

Seymour Johnson Air Force Base

4th Fighter Wing, 916th Air Refueling Wing
1330 Cannon Ave, Goldsboro, NC 27530

Seymour Johnson Air Force Base is a United States Air Force base located in Goldsboro, North Carolina. The base is named for Navy Lt. Seymour A. Johnson, a test pilot from Goldsboro who died in an airplane crash near Norbeck, Maryland, on March 5, 1941.


The 4th Fighter Wing is the host unit at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base and accomplishes its training and operational missions with F-15E Strike Eagles. Two of the wings’ four fighter squadrons are operational units, capable of deploying worldwide on short notice and immediately generating combat power. The other two squadrons are responsible for training all F-15E aircrews for the Air Force. The 916th ARW, a tenant unit at Seymour, is an Air Force Reserve Command Wing under Air Mobility Command. It is assigned 10 KC-135R Stratotankers.


One of the Air Forces most distinguished fighter wings, the 4th Fighter Wing was born in the hearts of the Royal Air Force Eagle Squadrons volunteers who fought for England against the Nazis even before the United States entered World War II. In September 1942, the Eagle Squadrons became the 4th Fighter Group, which destroyed 1,016 German planes, more than any group in history. In the Korean War, the 4th Fighter Interceptor Wing destroyed more enemy MiGs than the entire rest of the US Air Force combined. Since that time, through Vietnam, DESERT STORM and our wars of today, the 4th Fighter Wing has been the tip of the spear aimed at America’s enemies. On June 2, 2011, the 4th Fighter Wing was awarded the first ever James “Jimmy” Doolittle Award for outstanding heritage by the Air Force Historical Foundation.  Seymour Johnson Air Force Base became active as a Tactical Air Command base and has been an active Air Combat Command (ACC) base since the Air Force’s reorganization in June 1992. The 4th Fighter Wing was re-designated 4th Tactical Fighter Wing in July 1958; 4th Wing in April 1991; and 4th Fighter Wing in December 1995.

Arriving at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base
For those arriving by air, the nearest airport is Kinston, North Carolina, which is 28 miles east of Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. The Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) is located about 70 miles west of the base. Commercial transportation from both terminals is available at a cost: approximately $120.00 for a taxi or limousine service.


The Raleigh-Durham International Airport also has a USO facility for armed forces personnel and their families. Located at the northern end of Terminal 2, the USO provides a safe, inviting atmosphere where one can enjoy a free snack, relax while watching TV, surf the internet, or just pass the time playing cards while waiting for ground transportation to Seymour Johnson AFB. Limousine Service Limousine service that provides transportation from Raleigh Durham International Airport to Seymour Johnson AFB is Starlight Limousines, Inc. They can be reached at 252-566-3100. Because of the high cost of ground transportation, it is highly recommended that you coordinate with your sponsor and arrange for them to meet you at the airport and transport you to SJAFB.


If you are driving from the Raleigh/Durham airport, take Interstate 40 East for approximately 10 miles. Stay in the left lane and exit onto Interstate 440 East, Goldsboro. Then exit onto Highway 70 East to Goldsboro. Once into Goldsboro, take the exit to Seymour Johnson AFB (still on Hwy 70 East), then exit at the Seymour Johnson/Snow Hill exit. This will take onto Berkeley Boulevard, which will lead you directly into the Main Gate of the base. The Welcome Center is on the right, just outside the gate.


Newly assigned members arriving during normal duty hours are required to report to their unit admin section first to receive their unit’s in-processing checklist and Duty Information Worksheet. Newcomers must also attend the Military Personnel in-processing on the first day they arrive. The in-processing is held at 1:30 p.m. every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in building 3010 and will last approximately 1 hour. You must bring your sealed packet from your last base, BAS Form (AF Form 220), and Duty Information Worksheet to this appointment. Your unit admin section should be able to assist you with obtaining these forms.


Base Population
There are approximately 12,500 active duty, guard, reserve, military families, and civilian personnel assigned to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base.

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