Air Force Wings

Schriever AFB

50th Space Wing

Curtis and Irwin Road Colorado Springs, CO 80912

Schriever AFB Colorado aerial

Schriever AFB is the home of the 50th Space Wing, the Space Innovation and Development Center, the Missile Defense Integration and Operations Center, 310th Space Group and numerous mission partner organizations.

The 50th Space Wing’s mission is to evolve space and cyberspace war fighting superiority through integrated and innovative operations. The other units at Schriever also perform space missions. It is  unique in that it has no flight line and no aircraft mission. The daily mission here takes the 50th Space Wing to all parts of the world and deep into space. The wing operates satellite operations centers at Schriever AFB and remote tracking stations around the world.

This Air Force Base is named in honor of General Bernard Adolph Schriever, who pioneered in the development of the American ballistic missile programs.

Some of the services that are normally provided at most Air Force bases are currently not available on Schriever. However, Peterson AFB is located approximately 10 miles east of Schriever. 

Arriving at Schriever AFB

Report to or call the installation Military Personnel Section to schedule an in-processing appointment. The technicians will coordinate with your squadron’s POC to ensure that they can align you into the correct position number, AEF alignment, rater, AFSC, and office symbol. During the actual in-processing they will coordinate the schedule for your base in-processing actions (Right Start brief, finance, medical, etc). Call the Military Personnel Section at (719) 567-5900 or DSN: 560-5900 or visit us at Bldg 210, Room 137.

Base Population
There are 1,668+ active duty,  478 reservists, 476 family members, 601 civilians, and 5,273 contractors.