Air Force Wings

Peterson AFB

21st Space Wing

1334 W Stewart Ave Colorado Springs, CO  80916

Peterson AFB Colorado aerial

Peterson Air Force Base is a U.S. Air Force Base that shares an airfield with the adjacent Colorado Springs Municipal Airport, home to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), the Air Force Space Command headquarters, and United States Northern Command headquarters. Developed as a World War II air support base for Camp Carson, the facility conducted Army Air Forces training and supported Cold War air defense centers at the nearby Ent Air Force Base, Chidlaw Building, and Cheyenne Mountain Complex.

The base has been the location of the Air Force Space Command headquarters since 1987 and has had NORAD/NORTHCOM command center operations since the 2006 Cheyenne Mountain Realignment placed the nearby Cheyenne Mountain Complex centers on standby.

The 21st SW provides missile warning and space control to North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and U.S. Strategic Command through a network of command and control units and ground and space-based sensors operated by geographically separated units around the world. As the host wing for Peterson AFB, it provides operating support to NORAD/NORTHCOM, Air Force Space Command (AFSPC), U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command (SMDC)/Army Forces Strategic Command, Cheyenne Mountain AFS, 302nd Airlift Wing, several small tenant units, and nearby Schriever AFB.

Arriving at Peterson AFB

During duty hours, the arrival point for all inbound active duty military members, serviced by the Peterson Military Personnel Section (MPS), is the unit Commander Support Staff (CSS). If your unit does NOT have a CSS and it is within duty hours (0730-1600), report to the 21st Military Personnel Section (MPS) in bldg. 350.

Outside of normal duty hours, the arrival point for all inbound active duty military members, serviced by the Peterson MPS, is the Peterson Temporary Lodging Facility (TLF), Bldg. 1425.

All inbound members are required to inprocess with their unit, the Peterson AFB Installation Military Personnel Section, and complete their PIP’s travel voucher.

Base Population
There are 6,750+ active duty, 1,525+ reservists, 10,200 family members, 1,901 civilians, and 14,000+ Air Force/Navy/Marine Retirees served by Peterson AFB.