Air Force Wings

Barry M. Goldwater Air Force Range

56th Fighter Wing

Barry M Goldwater Range AFB  Wellton, AZ   85356

Barry M Goldwater Air Force Range

The Barry M. Air Force Goldwater Range is a live fire aircraft range near the US Mexican border. It is the nation’s second largest Air Force tactical aviation range.  It serves the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Marine Corps as an armament and high-hazard testing area; a training area for aerial gunnery, rocketry, electronic warfare, and tactical maneuvering and air support; and a place to develop equipment and tactics.


The range is under almost constant use and runs continuous night and day training evolutions.  Four controlled, manned, and electronically scored surface attack ranges are available for pilots to practice basic air-to-surface weapons delivery, including bombing, rocket delivery, and strafing.  The range also serves as home for the Gila Bend Auxiliary Air Force Field.


The Air Force operates the eastern portion of the BMGR (south of Interstate 8) while the Marine Corps operates the western portion, where Yodaville Urban Target Complex is located.


The mission of the Barry M. Goldwater Range is quite clear, to provide an open testing and training ground for advancements in technologies and tactics of air to air and air to ground combat. The Goldwater Range covers several million acres, making it one of the largest free fire ranges in the world. As a result, pilots at the range have the ability to put into practice a wide range of tactics and techniques, no matter how intricate and complicated.

Arriving at Barry M. Goldwater Range

If you arrive during duty hours, check in at your Unit Personnel Office (UPO) to begin squadron inprocessing. Report in uniform. As well as checking in with unit, it is mandatory to initiate base inprocessing.  MPS will schedule members for mandatory Wing Orientation.  After you have done your initial inprocessing, you will be given permissive TDY for house-hunting (if eligible). It is extremely important that you do this! Otherwise you will be charged with regular leave, which may not have been necessary for you to take. If you arrive after duty hours, report to your UPO the following duty day.

Base Population
The base population includes more than 200 military, civilian and contract personnel.