Air Force Wings

Creech Air Force Base

432nd Wing
1st Street, Building #3, Creech AFB, NV 89018
Airman 1st Class Steven, 432nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron MQ-9 Reaper crew chief (left), and Airman 1st Class Taylor, 432nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron MQ-9 Reaper crew chief (right), Creech Air Force Base

Creech Air Force Base is located a mile from the central business district of Indian Springs, Nevada. The base is roughly 35 miles from Las Vegas and 45 miles from Nellis Air Force Base.


The 432nd Wing is comprised of combat-ready Airman who fly the MQ-9 Reaper aircraft. The Airmen assist American and Coalition warfighters. The aircraft systems on Creech AFB maintain real-time reconnaissance, surveillance, and precision attack training against fixed time-critical targets. Creech AFB is the central location for the renowned “Hunter” of the 432d Wings and 432d Air Expeditionary Wing. The Hunters manage unmanned aircraft system initial eligibility training for aircrew, intelligence, weather, and maintenance personnel.

Arriving at Creech AFB

You are recommended to inprocess with the Military Personnel section when reporting to Creech. Orders, personal packages and any records hand-carried records from your previous assignment are mandatory. Customer service will answer questions and help with inprocessing. Right Start Newcomer’s Orientation and finance inprocssing appointments are also organized by customer service.

Base Population

There are approximately 3,000 military personnel, DoD civilians, and contractors, assigned to Clear Air Force Base.