Air Force Wings

Clear Air Force Station

13th Space Warning Squadron, 213th SWS
6417 Clear Anderson 6, Anderson, AK 99744
Clear Air Force Station Alaska

Clear Air Force Base is located in central Alaska, 1 mile from Anderson. The base is 78 miles from Fairbanks and 100 miles from Mount McKinley. The station was designed to provide tracking and surveillance of intercontinental ballistic missiles and submarine-launched ballistic missiles. Clear Air Force Base’s location is significant for the United States. The base is positioned to provide defensive monitoring of the entire country. Not only is the base essential for defense, the base also aides in space operations, with advanced radar and satellite capabilities.

The land was attained by the Department of Interior in 1949. The Alaskan Air Command used the space as a gunnery range until the Department of Defense returned in the 1950’s. The United States Air Force attained the site in 1958 to begin building the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS). Construction was completed three years later.
Arriving at Clear AFB
Advance paperwork is needed for active duty Air Force personnel with orders to the base. It takes well over 30 days to obtain all necessary paperwork.
The majority of housing is confined to personnel on site. One year wait time is normal when applying for base housing at Clear Air Force Base.

Base Population
There are nearly 300 military personnel, DoD civilians, and contractors, assigned to Clear Air Force Station.