Air Force Wings

Buckley AFB

460th Space Wing
1094 S Vail St  Aurora, CO 80011
Buckley Air Force Base Colorado

Buckley Air Force Base is a United States Air Force base in Aurora, Colorado, that was established by the U.S. Army as an auxiliary field and bombing range in 1938, and activated as a designated installation in 1941. The base was named in honor of World War I Army pilot First Lieutenant John Harold Buckley.

Buckley Air Force Base is assigned to Air Force Space Command. The host unit is the 460th Space Wing. Buckley AFB supports air operations, space-based missile warning capabilities, space surveillance operations, space communications operations and installation support functions.

On 1 October 2000, the United States Air Force took control of the base and it was assigned the 821st Space Group to oversee its operations. It was renamed Buckley Air Force Base.

A year later, control of Buckley AFB was transferred to the newly reactivated 460th Air Base Wing, which assumed the responsibility for installation support of the base and its tenant units. On August 19th, 2004, Air Force Space Command re-designated the 460 ABW as the 460th Space Wing, bringing the base’s satellite missile warning mission under control of the wing as well.

Since the return of Buckley Field to the Air Force in 2000, the air base has seen an unprecedented amount of new construction and modernization. New enlisted airmen’s dormitories, the commissary, the base exchange, and the fitness center have all been completed, augmented by the completion of family housing units – the first ones ever constructed at Buckley Field.

In late 2016, the Air Force approved an upgraded version of the Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS) ground system from Lockheed Martin. The newly-improved system will strengthen the constellation’s efforts in delivering critical infrared data for defense purposes.

Arriving at Buckley AFB

If you arrive during duty hours, check in at your Unit Command Support Staff (CSS) to begin in-processing. Report in uniform and anticipate doing your initial base in-processing the same day or the following day, depending upon your arrival time. Members will be referred to the Finance Office (Bldg 1030) for travel voucher completion. If you are eligible for house hunting, you may be granted permissive TDY by your unit Commander after you have done your initial in-processing. Make sure that you are officially on permissive TDY, otherwise, you will be charged with regular leave. If you arrive after duty hours, report to your Unit CSS the following day. If no Unit CSS is available report to the Military Personnel Section (Bldg 606).

Base Population

Buckley AFB truly represents a joint, Total Force and coalition base. This includes 3,100 active duty members from every service, 4,000 National Guard personnel and Reservists, four commonwealth international partners, 2,400 civilians, 2,500 contractors, 36,000 retirees and approximately 40,000 veterans and dependents.