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In 1992 while serving with his unit in Alabama, my father passed away.  He was an Armament Warrant Officer lll and loved being a part of the Ohio National Guard. He had served his country for 24 years and would probably still be doing so today if he were here.  


That week of his funeral is pretty blurry except for my memories of the soldiers who escorted him home, the honor guards that never left his side at the funeral home and the bus load of soldiers who came to pay their respects and stood out in the pouring rain with us at the cemetery.  They did not let the 3 gun salute and playing of Taps be muffled by the thunder.  They completed their mission that day and honored his life and years of service to our country.   


My father was always a strong role model for me and still is to this day.  He showed me what it meant to be a part of this nation and to serve selflessly.  He showed me how to be a great leader and to put those you command above yourself.  His men followed him until the end.


While it has been some time now since my father passed away, I have never forgotten their presence during such a difficult time and have looked for ways to thank them for the respect and honor they showed my father.


​Several years ago, my twin sister and I became part of the Horses for Heroes program as a way to give back and love providing service members, veterans and their families a place to come and have fun with the horses.  This past year, I had an opportunity to become part of the Mounted Police Unit for Richland County and I was happy to serve.  Every time I put on my uniform, I can’t help but think of my father.  


In an effort to continue to pay honor to my father and thank all of those who served with him, who respected and followed him and to all those who are and have served, I created this website.  It is my hope that in some small way, with the information and resources provided here I can help the soldiers and their families during their time of service. 

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