Report to Base blog post

It’s A Small World

Everyone knows the expression “It’s a small World”.

I think a lot of people involved with the U.S. Armed Forces can attest to this maybe even more than others.  While our family was stationed at San Vito Airforce Base in San Vito, Italy, my husband played 2nd Base on San Vito’s Base Softball team.  They competed in tournaments with the best teams of the US Military from all Branches stationed in Europe.

San Vito also had an elite women’s softball team.  I was approached by the coach to try out as the short stop for our team. At that time, this was unheard of if you weren’t Active Duty.  I made the team and was the only spouse to play in the Men and Women’s USAFE Championship tournament held in Crete, Greece, home of the now closed Iraklion AFB.  A female Active Duty player for the Ramstein team in Germany, made it loudly known to all, that anyone who was not Active Duty should not be allowed to play on a USAFE  Team.  She also had no problem letting me know every time she came up to the plate to bat. Of course we ended up loathing each other.

When my family got orders to PCS to Langley AFB in Hampton, VA we purchased a home in Yorktown.  After my first visit to the pool in our new neighborhood, guess who quickly became a great friend to this day?

— Maureen, Military Spouse