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First Deployment

I was only married for 3 months when my husband deployed.  Many of the other wives had told me that when your husband deploys it seems like everything goes wrong and things will break. I took it as alright things happen but really what are the chances of it happening every time a spouse deploys?

Well, within the first month of my husband being deployed our brand new truck broke, I found out I needed surgery and the electrical system in my apartment needed to be replaced. Now while it may not be a interesting story, I realized quickly just how much you become family to other wives when husbands are gone.  They are the ones who help you get through the rough times.

The military community really helps one another and after the first deployment I always helped others who experienced some hardships while their spouse was deployed. I am grateful for all the people I met and still talk to. Being a new wife I had a lot to learn and can say I survived first deployment.

— Desiree, Military Spouse, Virginia

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