Military Bases Rick


This story is about my brother-in-law and what he did to earn that title.

We were just 13 years old and he liked my twin sister. He would ride his bicycle four miles without a seat on it just to come to our house to see her. But that wasn’t enough for my father. He was a strict Sicilian who also happened to be an Armament Warrant Officer in the Ohio National Guard.

Rick tried to be polite and talk to him as much as a scared 13 year old could but that didn’t seem to change my father’s opinion of him. Years passed and they had dated most of our high school years. Our father wasn’t happy about the fact that she still wanted to see him and he was hoping that once we went to college it would be over.

Then Rick decided it was time to impress him. He walked into the recruiters office and enlisted into the Ohio National Guard into my father’s unit in Port Clinton. We graduated and went to college while he went to basic training. He worked hard and came home determined to show my father that he deserved a chance.

It must have worked because a few years later my father gave him his blessing and he married my sister. Rick continued to serve next to my father in the National Guard for six years and was with him in Alabama when he passed away. The Guard helped my brother-in-law become a responsible and hard-working man and gave him the opportunity to share his love of this country through service with my father.

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